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Client: MADE at Moddershall Oaks, an inovator in the health & wellbeing industry.

Requirements: MADE wanted to show off their amazing new facilities, the wide variety of activities available and how they were focused on improving their client’s health and well-being as a whole. We decided on a style that would be Fresh and modern.

Feedback has been great surrounding the promotional video and we have continued to work with MADE to produce promotional video content.

Liverpool John Moores University

Client: LJMU

Requirements: Liverpool John Moores University received funding to promote their outreach work in the Liverpool area, educating high school children from lower-income families on the benefits of University. 

Films like these are extremely important for organisations who want to show the success and can be directly associated with receiving more funding in the future.


Client: Amplifon, a world leader in hearing healthcare.

Requirements: Produce video content to accompany Amplifon’s ‘Dedicated to Better Hearing’ summer campaign. The video was to be aimed at people thinking about using hearing aids for the first time.

These types of customer testimonial videos are extremely popular and help customers with their buying decisions as they are relate-able and personal.

Liverpool Hope University

Client: Liverpool Hope University

Requirements: Liverpool Hope wanted to show the stories of their students, told in their own words for their ‘Say Yes’ campaign. We filmed a series of videos with different students in a variety of courses to show the best that Hope has to offer.


Client: Leading property developer DeTrafford.

Requirements: DeTrafford required regular updates on the building of new properties for their investors to show not just progress but the quality of the work happening each quarter. We did this by mixing drone footage and our camera crew on site.

Persil - Unilever

Client: Persil / Unilever

Requirement: Create a series of cook along videos targeted at parents to encourage ‘messy’ cooking with their children.  This series was set to accompany their ‘Cook with Kids’ campaign and working alongside Unilever’s PR team, we created a 5 part video series that included a children’s cooking expert, who takes the viewer through some creative and messy recipes.

Cancer Research UK

Client: Cancer Research UK

Requirements: Cancer Research UK wanted to produce an awareness video for protection from skin cancer – especially with outdoor workers in the summer months. Interviewing medical experts and survivors, we helped explain what to look out for and how to protect yourself from the sun.


Client: Aldi

Requirements: To create a video promoting Aldi’s Winter/Christmas range building excitement and buzz behind all the new products they were including in the Christmas offering.

When launching a new product or service having video content to prove the quality of these products is essential. 


Client: Dreamland, a world leading electric blanket company.

Requirements: Dreamland wanted to show the variety of their unique blankets and throws in a very short amount of time. Using models in a lovely location and graphics to spell out the benefits rather than voiceover or interviews, we were able to convey a lot of information quickly and effectively.

Oven Pride

Client: Oven Pride

Requirements: Oven Pride contacted us through their marketing and PR agency to upgrade their previous ‘how to use’ videos which were severely dated and contained incorrect information and poor formatting.

After some idea generation and style concepts, we settled on a brand ambassador presenting the product and talking through all the key stages of the cleaning process. 


Client: The 3D measurement Group 

Requirements: T3DMC simply has a product that needs to be seen in action to be believed. Their hand held 3d scanners can now provide a service that required huge machines in the past. Using video and graphics, we showed a demo of how the scanners work

Decor Academy

Client: Decor Group, an Interior design agency. 

Requirements: To produce a promotional video to highlight the benefits of Decor’s Creative Academy. The video was to be targeted at students aged 17-25 to inform them of an alternative to university when looking for a career in interior design. 

These types of videos are extremely effective when looking to create brand awareness in your campaigns. 


Client: Wed4Less, a discount store for wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Requirements: The client wanted to show a variety of styles available and also to show that the dresses are for ladies of all sizes. Wanting an elegant style we chose a slow motion style with beautiful acoustic music track.

The English Cake Co.

Client: The English Cake Company

Requirements: A new brand looking to show the quality of their pre-packaged cakes and baking products, The English cake Co. wanted to show the effort and love that goes into each cake they produce. we did a series of short videos showing the variety of cakes available.

Community Foundation for Merseyside

Client: Community Foundation for Merseyside

Requirements: The CFM regularly Work alongside Jamie Carragher’s 23 Foundation and they wanted to show how donations were given to amazing causes over Liverpool and  the surrounding areas – introduced by Jamie.

Bob's Business

Client: Nation-wide Cyber Security expert Bob’s Business

Requirements: Bob’s business wanted to get across their message using animation and motion graphics to simply explain how they can help without showing a lot of ‘jargon’ that might confuse technophobes that require I.T. security.

Hoya Lens UK

Client: Global Lens manufacturer Hoya Lens.

Requirements: Hoya Lens wanted to show how they go above and beyond to support thie clients. Their customer service goes far above anything competitors offer so we decided to get their customers to do the selling for them. Stepping into their practices and letting them explain how Hoya has made a huge difference to their business.

One Wirral CIC

Client: One Wirral CIC, a social enterprise that brings people and organisations together to achieve better things.

Requirements: The client wanted an awareness campaign to show how being more active can help with recovery from chemotherapy and cancer surgeries.

Onward Homes

Client: Onward Homes, a leading provider of quality, affordable homes in the North West

Requirements: Onward Homes are very proud of their in-house team who are the beating heart of their business. The client wanted to introduce the team, showing the type of work they do while showing not just their professionalism but showing that they are friendly, approachable people too.


Client: Shelfspan

Requirements: To produce a  animated video show reel of Shelfspan products to feature in screen at exhibitions and trade shows to attract foot traffic passing the Shelfspan stall. The video would also act as promotional material for the featured products to sit on the website answering any specification questions potential buyers may have before placing an order.


Client: Ninja Corp

Requirements: To produce a promotional product video for one of Ninja Corp’s leading products, CleverBed.  The video was to be aimed at parents who wanted an alternative to bulky and difficult blow up beds. The product video uses a presenter to talk from a parents point of view to explain all the USP’s and demonstrates the uses and benefits of the CleverBed.