5 Types of Video That Improve Your Social Media Engagement

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5 Types of Video That Improve Your Social Media Engagement Yellow Video Production

When you are looking to boost your social media following and engage with customers on a deeper level so that they buy your products or services, video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to do so.

If you are contemplating whether using video will deliver a good ROI, here are some stats shared by WordStream that reveal just how powerful social video is:

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined.
  • Consumers who visit an e-commerce site through a video are 184% more likely to purchase and will spend 45% more.
  • Tweets with video get 10x more engagement than those without.

Video marketing drives significant results, whether your main objective is to get more likes, shares or conversions. Therefore, all businesses should be looking at ways that they can leverage the power of video marketing on their social media platforms.

However, choosing the right type of video for your business and target customer base is very important to get the results that you want. These are the 5 most commonly used types of video marketing on social media:


What do you do when you need to quickly learn a skill or work out how to fix something? Most people will look for a video tutorial to walk them through the process. If you are selling a product used for plumbing, for example, you would create a video of a plumbing fix that requires the use of the product.

If you have a beauty salon, you could share a video showing people how to do a specific make-up technique. Your audience will find your video useful, building engagement and trust in your business and the viewer is more likely to become a customer.

Live videos

Live streaming is another effective type of video marketing that does not usually take too much effort in terms of video production, as you are simply videoing an activity or event that is taking place. These work well with immersive and engaging events such as live music but can work for a range of different businesses.

Q&A videos

You will probably have seen lots of influencers on Instagram using Q&A videos to attract more followers and engage with their existing followers. However, it is not just famous people who can use Q&A videos to their benefit, businesses can run Q&As for customers to provide advice or to learn more about what products or services customers would like more of.


Using videos to announce offers and discounts is a useful way to increase sales. Using attractive video graphics and adding catchy music will capture attention more effectively than just images and text.

User-generated videos

If you have not got time to create your own videos, you can always use someone else’s videos. We are not talking about stealing another brand’s videos and risking copyright infringement, we mean that you can get your followers to create videos for you to use.

For example, you can ask followers to send a video of them using your product. You get free video content, while they get to share their video with a wider audience. These types of videos are very authentic and can improve trust in your brand.

Yellow Video provides professional video production services that are tailored to your business objectives and target audience, to deliver the best possible results. Contact us to talk about your requirements and our social video experts will help you to build a social media video strategy that takes your business to the next level.


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