Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales – Part 1

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Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales - Part 1 Yellow Video Production

By Stephen Vaughn


Promotional Video Production to Improve Ecommerce Sales

If a picture can tell a thousand words, it doesn’t take a beautiful mind to calculate the potential of properly utilised video.

Increasingly consumed yet consistently underused, video content is proven to increase conversions on your e-commerce landing pages. When online shoppers can’t hold your products, video is the next best thing at providing the information they need to move from prospect to sale.

In this article, we’ve broken down why you need to be creating video content to help increase your ecommerce sales, why you should care about promotional video production and how to go about creating the most effective video materials that, when leveraged correctly, are guaranteed to help push you towards your business goals.

Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales - Part 1 Yellow Video Production

Here are 3 HUGE reasons why you should use video in your marketing

You can create the most incredibly detailed product description ever known to man – a video will always grab potential customers attention instead.

That’s because not only are humans visual creatures – we’re also inherently lazy. Given the choice between reading a block of text or learning everything they need to know about a product in a slick and dynamic video, your customers are going to pick the video every time.

While there is always a place for text, video offers a plethora of additional benefits that transcend the written word.

Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales - Part 1 Yellow Video Production

Grab and keep your customers attention

By distilling information a customer would normally have to read, you’re making it easier for them to engage with what you want them to know – from close-ups and information about your product to telling a story about your brand, they will pay more attention and will do so for longer in video format.

High quality, engaging video spreads further and faster than other mediums.

Studies consistently show that video content is more likely to shared than text.[1]

As visual creatures, your customers more likely to click on a video thumbnail than something with no visual element. By building video into your overall content strategy, you’re improving your ability to reach more potential customers quicker and more effectively.

This means considering moving video from solely your e-commerce site and onto other platforms where more people can more easily engage with it. While there is no sure-fire way to ensure your content goes “viral”, an obvious place to start is your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales - Part 1 Yellow Video Production

Videos and SEO

Videos are great for your website’s Search Engine Optimisation and the priority Google gives it in search results.

As an underused medium, marketing videos have less competition. This gives your videos a better chance of reaching an audience searching for a certain keyword, especially if your competitors aren’t employing video content too.

What might normally take a chunk of text or even several webpages to explain can be achieved in a single video when properly optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This includes providing details regarding the thumbnail, title, description, tags and URL slug. All of this adds up to video production proving an incredibly effective tool for reaching the right audience and in a more prominent position on search engines.

Using video production to grow your e-commerce sales - Part 1 Yellow Video Production

Using video for YOUR ecommerce business

Video content, dependant on the type of video, is proven to drastically increase both traffic and conversions for e-commerce sites and actually improves your customer’s online shopping experience. Retail sales seem to benefit from a variety of video types, from generic promo videos to more in depth explainer videos – when planning out your digital marketing strategy, it’s always best to have an idea for which video would benefit your campaign goals best.

Website visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. [2]

Landing pages with video content and clear call to actions have been shown to experience an 80 per cent increase in conversions.

For email campaigns, even the mention of “video” in the subject line shows a 19 percent higher open rate. [3]

This confirms that a highly effective sales video will give you an edge over your e-commerce competitors that aren’t using it.

This is our first article on how digital marketing videos can help increase your ecommerce sales. In our next article we’ll discuss the benefits of utilising a creative and experienced video production company to benefit your business goals.

If you want to know more about effective corporate video production or all things video related, contact one of our videographers today!

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