Improve your success at trade shows / exhibitions with video

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Improve your success at trade shows / exhibitions with video Yellow Video Production
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By David Roberts

Let’s be honest, people don’t want to go anywhere near your stand as they don’t want to be pounced on by a salesman.

Plus they don’t really want the thousands of hand outs you have brought with you.

So you need to entice them to approach you stand without having to pounce on them.

People sometimes think that trade shows are about getting as many sales on the day as possible –it’s not.

It’s about starting a relationship with each person you meet at the exhibition.

You need to just get their contact details so you can send lots of interesting information via email, direct marketing and telemarketing to grow their trust of your company so when it comes to them wanted to buy, you will be fresh in their mind – only a very, very small percentage of people go to a
trade show actually looking to buy something (you would have noticed this!).

If you get no sales on the day of the trade show but you have come away with hundreds of contact details that is still a very successful trade show.

Right, let’s get down to improving your trade shows… Our new clients have said, on average, that they now get a 200% increase on the amount of people approaching their stands and giving their contact details.

How do they do this? Simple…

A 60 second video can give everything people need to know about your company without approaching a scary salesman, showing the benefits of your service, the smiling faces of satisfied customers, interesting statistics, gleaming testimonials and product demonstrations – then play it on
loop all day on a screen.

You can hire a 50 inch plasma screen for around 100 pounds or around 130 dollars and its easy to hook it up to a laptop just like attaching the laptop to a normal computer monitor and remember to order power points at your stand!

Very, very important though is having an enticing call to action – you don’t want to give them all the details they need in the video and let them go… you need to encourage them to come over to give you their details.

So think of an exciting call to action ‘get your free discount voucher only available today!’ etc.

50% off to visitors to this trade show – register today! You know… that kind of thing.

Not just in your video, in all your marketing, you should make sure your message says lots of ‘you’ and not ‘us or we’ and talk about the benefits of the service, not just how great you are – don’t say …’we have been producing high quality machinery since 1723 and our service is unrivaled in the known universe’ – blah blah blah…. Say something like… ‘Acme industries offers you machinery that improves your production process, allows you to make twice as many products for half as much money, which allows you to double your profits, it improves your love life and can make you a cup of coffee too. Give us your details today and we’ll send you a free example…’

P.S. If you do have a machine like that please get in touch as I will be very interested.

If you would like a quote for filming, go to our prices page to find out how much you can produce videos for.

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